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News: Allergy Awareness Policy

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Allergy Awareness Policy

In the interest of promoting a safe and healthy environment for children participating in Recreation Programs, we ask that the parents of children with severe allergies notify recreation staff of their child’s allergy and provide all food for snacks, lunches, and special occasions. We also ask that participants with EpiPens carry one with them at all times in addition to leaving one in the Rec office.  We know from past years that a number of participants do suffer from moderate to severe peanut allergies. Due to this knowledge we strongly suggest that all parents avoid sending their children to programs with foods containing peanuts. Staff will encourage children not to share lunches and to wash their hands after eating. Furthermore, if necessary, a section of the lunch area will be designated as “peanut free” in order to reduce exposure. However, the recreation department does not accept responsibility for the contents of participant’s lunches or snacks.