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News: Health Care Policy

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Health Care Policy

Medication Administration
With the exception of administering an epipen during an acute allergic reaction, Hingham Recreation staff will not administer medication to any child in its programs.

Emergency Procedures
All staff will be certified in CPR and be trained in Epipen usage and protocols
If a child is in need of emergency medical attention, Hingham Recreation staff will call 911. If it is determined by emergency medical personnel that the child must be transported via ambulance then a staff member will accompany the child. If permitted, the staff member will ride in the ambulance with the child. However, if this is not permitted then the staff member will follow in a private vehicle.
***Hingham ambulances transport to South Shore Hospital.
In the event of an emergency the child’s parent will be contacted immediately. If the parent cannot be reached we will contact the participant’s emergency contact.
All incidents will be thoroughly documented and recorded. A Hingham Recreation employee will remain with the child until a parent or designated emergency contact person arrives.